5 Fold Ministry Score Sheet

Fivefold Gifting

Apostle 5, Evangelist 19, Pastor 22, Prophet 14, Teacher 17

Understanding Your Results

Now that youʼve seen your current assessment of where you fall within the 5-Fold Ministry gifts, itʼs important to understand what it actually means! When you look at the results above, recognize this is a snapshot of where you currently are in your spiritual development. In other words, your top score does not necessarily tell you what your base gift is, it only shows you what you are currently exercising.

Hereʼs what we mean.

Each of us were created and shaped to live out of one of these 5 base ministry gifts. There is one that we do better and more naturally than any of the others. It brings us the most life and the most joy. However, God doesnʼt only ask us to only operate out of our strength but also out of our weakness. So many times he will give us a season to learn a Base that isnʼt natural to us, but nevertheless is important for us to learn (we call this a Phase). We wonʼt ever be great at it, but we can learn to be truly competent in it.

Think of it this way: One facet of true Christian maturity is having learned through experience and through the Spirit how to access each of these bases as the situation arises. You may not be a Pastor, but weʼre all called to care. You may not be a Prophet, but weʼre all called to listen to the voice of our Father and respond. You may not be an Evangelist, but weʼre all called to bring new people into the Kingdom. You may not be an Apostle, but weʼre all called to push the Kingdom into new places. You may not be a Teacher, but weʼre all called to hold out the light of scripture.

What your results show you is a snapshot of where you are in this spiritual formation process. This test does not necessarily tell you your Base gifting (though your base is probably among your highest scores), but rather, reveals your competency among each of the various gifts. In someone who has learned to access each of these gifts as needed and is probably more mature, 2-3 of these gifts are usually in the mid-20ʼs, one is in the high 20ʼs and one is in the low to mid 30ʼs (which is usually their Base). So this test serves as a snapshot of where you are in this process. Chances are, if you take this test again in 6-9 months (which we recommend), you will see some movement in one of the gifts as the Lord is teaching you.

How do you find your Base gifting?

You have been created to do something that comes quite naturally to you and where you find the most life. One way to discover your base gifting is to think about each of the 5-Fold gifts (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, Pastor) and ask yourself, “What are the things I canʼt help but keep doing?” For instance, if youʼre someone who is constantly starting new things and never really having to think about it, you just keep doing it, chances are youʼre an Apostle. If youʼre someone who, upon finding something captivating and exciting to you, shares that with everyone they know, chances are youʼre an Evangelist (does everyone you know own that one CD you fell in love with?). You get the picture. Of these 5-fold gifts, which one comes most naturally and gives you the most life?

To help you process, below are links to pages with more details about each of the 5-fold gifts.

Lastly, this is just a cursory brush with this content. For a more thorough examination of Ephesians 4, finding your Base and understanding your Base and Phase giftings, we recommend the book Building a Discipling Culture by Mike Breen and Steve Cockram.

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